~Tips For Loading And Unloading Your Small Cardboard Boxes During A Move

Published: May 19th, 2016 @ 8:13am

One of the most important parts of moving is loading and unloading the moving truck. Follow these tips to ensure that all of your small cardboard boxes and other essentials stay safe during your next move.

Properly Distribute your Weight
It is very important to make sure that your boxes are all light enough to be carried and packed easily into the moving truck. Heavy items, such as books, should be packed in small cardboard boxes and lighter objects like bedding can go in larger boxes. The weight in each box should be evenly distributed so the boxes do not shift and cause problems during the move. Label boxes that have breakable items in them clearly so they don’t get put on the bottom stack of boxes where they can potentially get damaged.

Loading Up Your Moving Truck
When loading up the moving truck you want to make sure that the weight is put in the correct areas to ensure a smooth ride and to guard against damage to your things in transit. Load the heavier items such as your refrigerator, sofas, heavy appliances and large dressers first, placing them all the way at the back of the truck closest to the cab. This will help keep the truck safe and stable while it is on the road. When you load up your truck divide it up into quarters. Load each quarter nice and tight and then secure it with rope or tie downs for more stability and support. Place large flat items such as mattresses, headboards, tabletops and mirrors upright along the side of the truck and secure them to the walls. Always place heavier boxes on the bottom with the lighter items on the top. Try to stack your small cardboard boxes on top of other small boxes so you use all of the space as efficiently as possible.

Unloading Your Truck
Once you arrive at your new location you will need to unload the truck and move everything into your new home. The boxes should all be clearly labeled to let you know which room to put them in. If you are unloading the truck yourself or with the help of friends, make sure they put the boxes in the right rooms of the house to make it easier for you to unpack later. If professional movers are helping you direct them as to where you want each box to go. Your house will feel quite cluttered and crowded at first but soon you be all unpacked and happily settled in to your new home.

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