~Keep Your Items Safe And Secure With Corrugated Boxes

Published: Mar 16th, 2016 @ 2:40pm

If you are like most people, then you probably refer to any material that is brown, a paper packaging substrate and used to make boxes as “cardboard”. The reality is that, a lot of the time, the material you are referring to is actually made from corrugated material. While true cardboard is found in items such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes and the box your tube of toothpaste comes in, corrugated material is the stuff your packing boxes are constructed from. Corrugated boxes are specially designed to hold the items you pack in them safely and securely, no matter where you need to move them to.

What Is The Difference Between Corrugated And Cardboard Boxes?

The main difference between corrugated material and cardboard is their structure and the way they are made. Cardboard, which is sometimes known as paperboard, is a thin yet sturdy paper stock material used for a variety of packing purposes. Corrugated material, on the other hand, is made from three layers, making it thicker than cardboard. These three layers are comprised of two layers of papery material sandwiching a fluted sheet of the same material. This is the type of material that is usually used for such things as store displays. Their most common purpose, however, is probably in the manufacture of packing boxes.

Why Is A Corrugated Box Important?

A corrugated box is used to pack things in, usually for the purpose of storing, shipping, or moving. With its three layers and the small cushion of air provided by the fluted layer in the center, it is thicker and provides a safe and durable surface to pack your items into. If you have fragile items you need to pack and transport somewhere, you can wrap them carefully, pack them into the box and send them off.

What Kind Of Corrugated Box Should I Get?

There are a wide variety of corrugated boxes that come in several sizes and structural designs. When you need to pack items, you should think about what size of box will be most suitable for what you are packing. While you should definitely put your heavier items into small boxes, bulky and lighter items can be packed into large boxes. It is suggested that you have a load of no more than fifty pounds in each box.

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