~Cardboard Storage Boxes Makes Packing, Printing and Storing Easier

Published: Mar 21st, 2016 @ 9:01am

When moving into a new home, a smaller apartment, or even your first college dorm room, there is one item that is essential to the packing process, but difficult to find. Cardboard storage boxes help when you need to relocate or downsize. Additionally, if you have no plans to relocate your home, these boxes are also extremely valuable for small businesses. With the rise of online shopping, having shipping boxes helps to expedite your business and encourages future sales.

Box Styles
At Heartland Packaging, we offer several cardboard storage boxes in handy styles and sizes.

First, to accommodate individuals who are looking for ways to efficiently pack or store items, the Regular Slotted Container (RSC) can be easily folded and secured with tape or staples.

The Full Overlap Container (FOL) contains overlapping full width with corrugated material to help rough shipping or storage conditions.

Next, the Half Slotted Container (HSC) is frequently used for shelf storage since the cover should be removed and replaced often. In addition, this smaller box can be used to ship delicate, or smaller, items without needing a large box.

Finally, the Corrugated Pad (PAD) can be molded to exact shipping requirements. The flat sheet can be used to separate a package by dividing it into layers.

At Heartland Packaging, we offer reliable, sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes to make storing items or packing items more convenient. When purchasing these storage boxes, orders can be placed for one box or multiple boxes since there is not a minimum quantity required.

Cardboard storage boxes are usually standard brown, but other colors can be requested. This service helps businesses that wish to exhibit consistent brand identity on shipping materials. In addition to color schemes, we offer a unique opportunity to print on the storage boxes with no additional charges. This convenient addition is called Flexo Printing.

Orders are securely placed through PayPal and your information is not shared. Shipments can be tracked online and are usually delivered in 1-2 weeks, if not sooner. Get in touch with us today!

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